Walter Ward III
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The Mission

Nowadays things are different. Everyone should be entrepreneurial. That isn’t to say that everyone should run a business full-time, but everyone should take stock of the skills they possess, and how they can be used to meet the needs of people or organizations in exchange for value.

In fact, if you are a career professional…that is exactly what you do day in and day out. Your employer just happens to be your biggest customer. So unless policies and rules are against it, you should think about how to monetize your skills and passions in additional ways.

There are many, many, many reasons as to why that is the case. I could write about how inflation has grown faster than wages for almost 40 years. I could pontificate about income inequality and how entrepreneurship and side-hustles are key to solving the issue. I could even talk about how there is more volatility in the workforce today, and a side-hustle is a great way to insure income for tomorrow.

But the biggest reason however, can best be explained in the words of a great Brooklyn poet;

I’m not a businessman, I’m a business, man...
— Shawn "Jay-Z" Carter

It doesn’t matter if you are a senior executive in manufacturing or a serial tech entrepreneur in the coffee houses of San Francisco…or somewhere in between.

We all need to become entrepreneurs…in other words; learn to manage our careers, skills and assets like they are tools allowing us to trade value for value.


The Problem Is This…

"Most career professionals, entrepreneurs and side-hustlers are experts at their craft, but lack the business acumen needed to see the full picture.

In other words, they are great at working IN the business but horrible at working ON the business…"

— Walter Ward III


It’s totally okay to not understand “the big picture” yet. That’s where I and others like me come into play. My goal is to help you understand the bigger picture; To teach you the career, business and entrepreneurial hacks that can and will accelerate what you are building if you apply them.

I want you to become entrepreneurial in how you approach life. For some that will mean building a “side-hustle”. The goal being not to necessarily replace your job, but to supplement your income, offer you personal fulfillment or building a platform for you to sharpen skills.

If you do it correctly;

Your side-hustle will make you a better employee and your career will make you a better entrepreneur.

Ultimately I want to change the way you see your skills, your career, your purpose and ultimately the way you see work.

- Walter