Walter Ward III
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Hi, My name is

Walter Ward III.

I speak at events on subjects related to faith, motivation and basic business and financial acumen.

Oh, and I help coach people through designing their business model and communicating it through a business plan.

I like to invest in stuff too.


How It All Got Started

It was 2017, and the leadership development fellowship I recently joined required all 19 of its fellows to ideate on a way we could use our skills and passions to give back to our community.

After reflecting on all the random business questions I had been asked by my friends, my experience creating workshops as a consultant, and my love for public speaking, it all suddenly made sense.

My plan was to combine the most basic elements from business school, with a fun environment and a bend towards content that was extremely practical. The outcome was and all the related workshops!



Touched over 5,000 People via TMBS Workshops and Events

I’ve been blessed to teach over 5k people about business model design, the business case for diversity and how to write a business plan via my side hustle project;



Over 15,000 Subscribers & Followers

Between my social media platforms and email list I can reach over 15k people with a motivating message, my travel experiences (10 Countries and counting!) or a quick life/business hack.



99+ Experiences Delivered

Nearly half of them I self-produced in Detroit and Atlanta. The rest were speeches, customized talks and live experiences produced all over the country for others like: UNCF, BANEXPO, SURGE, Start-Up Week and so on…


What I Talk About


The business case for diversity

McKinsey & Company discovered that irrespective of industry, and global location, companies in the top quartile of ethnic diversity in the executive suite, financially outperform their competitors by double digits. The key question is why, and the answer has to do with the way our brains are wired. This workshop explains the connection between diverse points of view, high performing teams, great ideas and favorable business outcomes. But more importantly, it's about how business professionals and entrepreneurs can use diversity in all its forms as a competitive advantage.

the double hustle

Did you know that 44% of Millennials who have full-time jobs, also do something entrepreneurial on the side? What’s even more interesting is that percentage shows no sign of regressing. The very nature of work is changing.

People #DoubleHustle for various reasons; fulfillment, pay off debt, travel more, save money and some even to replace their job. No matter the reason, there are a few rules you must follow to live the #DoubleHustle Life successful. This workshop will teach them to you.

How to write a business plan

Writing a business plan isn’t just about writing a business plan. It’s more about creating a plan of execution for how you will do business. It defines what you will do first, second, third and last.

The key is that there is a RIGHT way to WRITE it. Every business plan has seven key elements and this workshop will teach you all seven and even give you a little bit of coaching on how to execute.

how to invest

53% of all Americans have no money invested in the stock market, including their retirement accounts. A quarter of them say that they don’t invest because they don't understand the stock market and most them also don't believe that they have enough money to invest.

This 1.5-hour workshop is all about teaching people the basics of how the stock market works, explaining new trends like cryptocurrencies and showing people how to save, give and invest, starting with just five dollars and a smartphone.


Let’s Connect

I’d love to learn a little bit more about you and you learn a bit more about me! I’m always stopping in a city over the weekend to speak at an event or just to hang out. I’ll keep you posted on what I have going on. Sign up below.


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